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Applying an IF statement to a range

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    Applying an IF statement to a range

    I have looked but cannot see if this has been asked before...

    What I need to do is:

    If Sheet1 C9 = 0 then all of the cells in Sheet2 B20:B30 = 0 otherwise use the indivdual cell formula

    All of the individual cells in the range of B2:B30 have various formulas that look at different values within the sheet, so to get round this for the time being, I have put the forumla below into each cell.


    Is there a way to apply an IF statement to a range a of cells, and if so, what is it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Applying an IF statement to a range

    Hi, you may need to insert a helper column to do the calculation, and then use an IF statement to pull the calculated value from the helper column. Say your individual formulae are in a helper column C, then use in B21 and copy to all other cells in column B


    you can hide column C if it mucks up your spreadsheet design.


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