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Automatically calculating a league table based on data from a spreadsheet?

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    Question Automatically calculating a league table based on data from a spreadsheet?

    I have a spreadsheet for calculating the number of correct predictions of football matches, I also have a spreadsheet for a league table which displays the position of participants.

    At the moment I write down the correct number of predictions for each person and then I enter it into a league table.

    Would there be anyway of linking the data from the prediction spreadsheet to the league table, so that the league table is calculated automatically? I assume that I will need to copy the league table into the same spreadsheet as the predictions but in a new sheet.

    When editing the league table, I cut and paste the "Total Points" into the "Previous Total Points" and then enter in each Gameweek point for each person and using a simple addition formula the "Total Points" are calculated. I then use the sort tool on the "Total Points" so that the points and people are listed from highest rank to lowest rank. I then copy and paste "Position" data into the correct column so that when the league table is printed or uploaded online the only columns A-F are visible.
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