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Graphic Y = f(X) has become crazy !

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    Graphic Y = f(X) has become crazy !

    Hello everybody !

    I've using Excel since ages without any problem, for simple applications.

    For managing my car's maintenance, I created an EXCEL file composed of 2 sheets :
    - one sheet for my BMW
    - one sheet for my wife's HONDA

    I attached the file to my message.

    For both sheet, I enter in column A the date of the repair, and in column B the mileage. The rest deals with cost, operation, ...

    I created a graphic to show the evolution of mileage versus time, using a "cloud of points" graphic with curve.

    Everything was working fine until today, where the graph for my BMW desperately refuse to spot any point versus time !!! As you can see in the HONDA sheet, everything is still OK.

    If a change the X scale parameters, with Xmini=0 and Xmaxi=48, I can see the mileage values appearing, just like in a normal 'curve' graphic, this is not what I want (I really want X scale to be time, not number of samples !!!)

    If anybody has an idea of what's happening, I would be quite relieved !
    Thank you for your answers !
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    Re: Graphic Y = f(X) has become crazy !

    Check the date you have entered in A46

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