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Goal seek not working

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    Goal seek not working

    In the attached,

    1) users will enter all grey shaded fields - I have entered some demo data
    2) the result will be what is shown in the cells F38 and G38
    3) the users might then decide to change the end result, say F38 they want it to become 600 rather than the 538 in F38 (already inserted)
    4) in theory, this is just a goal seek to change F38 to 600 by changing cell E29

    But the result in this case will tell you that no solution will be found, however by trial and error if you insert 25.06 you get a very close answer.

    Any ideas? I would need it to work on either F40 or G40

    Thank you!!
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    Re: Goal seek not working

    First thought is that you have a circular reference in cells H25 and H31. Getting goal seek (or any formula, for that matter) to work properly requires that the formulas involved not be co-dependent on each other. I would suggest fixing that and trying again.

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