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Pivot Table formatting question

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    Pivot Table formatting question

    I want to be able to create a pivot table that counts the number of entries that have a value in between two percentages from a long list (for example, I might want the pivot table to show 0%-1%, 1%-2% and 3%-4% and the pivot table would count how many from the list qualify. I am using the "group" pivot table option to do this). The problem is that the format of the numbers shows up as 0-.01, .01-.02, .03-.04 and every formatting change I have tried has not allowed me to change these numbers to percentages. I would just put the range as a percentage in a column next to the pivot table, but I want this formatting to show up correctly in the pivot table chart as well.
    Is there any easy way to get this to format correctly?


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    Re: Pivot Table formatting question

    I don't think this can be changed because by grouping Excel must convert the numeric values into a text string. You might try copying the values to an adjacent column and using those cells in the chart.

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