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adding data over existing chart

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    adding data over existing chart

    Hi, What I need to do is to add data ( preferably in the form of markers with a linking line (smooth curved) over the bar graph already there.

    In the attached workbook, there is a worksheet called test. In there is the progressive work for this chart table.

    The graph represents the score in percentage of the player's accomplishment every weeks.

    What I would like to do is superimpose group average data over the existing table without affecting it. So the player can visually do a quick scan of his standing vs group average.

    The group average is located in the Graph Data page under B31 to AF31.

    Should be easy for most of you but I'm racking my brains and trying all kinds of stuff but cannot get it to work.

    Need help badly on this . . .

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    Mike, (office 2007)

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    Re: adding data over existing chart

    You can plot the line in the same chart as an xy-scatter. Although you will need to use a normal bar chart and not the 3d version.

    You will also need to change the average line formula so the returned information is not text but a true value. You can use a custom number format to display zero.
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