I am trying to create a photo sheet that will allow me to import all photos in a directory into an excel spreadsheet.
I want it to:
Import all images in a directory. (even if I have to choose to open the folder and then select all)
Place each photo into a separate box
Auto-format all the photos to the same size where (2) images fit on each printed page.
Have a space for a text description to the right of each photo.
Auto-number each row/photo if possible (so it changes all the numbers if I delete a row)
Place a header with a logo on each printed page.
Insert a merge field in the header so that I can pull information from my access database. (person's name/number)

I wanted to use excel because I could delete a row or move a photo and description without having to re-number all the photos in the list.
Is that possible without having to do each photo separately?

Thanks so much.