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#REFs eventually appear -- why?

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    #REFs eventually appear -- why?

    Hi, there.

    I have a spreadsheet with many worksheets. Each worksheet represents a checklist, with a column Date Last Reviewed yyyy-mm-dd representing the last time the item in the row was last checked. Just above the top of the column header I put this array formula.

    =IF(OR((Y8:OFFSET(Y8, $B$6-1, 0))<TODAY()-365),"Old","")

    where $B$6 contains merely a count of the non-blank rows in the checklist =COUNTA(B$8:B$65536). The idea is that the formula will check for dates older than a year, including blanks, and put "Old" in the cell if there is an item that has not be checked in a year, if at all.

    What happens is that, over the course of a working with the spreadsheets, these formulas change to

    =IF(OR(#REF!:OFFSET(#REF!, $B$6-1, 0)="N"),"N","").

    and I don't understand why. I use autofilters a lot to zero in on data, and I suspect that that may have something to do with it. I've tried searching the forums, but haven't found anything.

    Can anybody shed some light?

    I attach an stripped-down example before & after.

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    Re: #REFs eventually appear -- why?

    I have looked at both workbooks and there isn't enough information to diagnose your problem. But I can tell you that when references in a formula are replaced with #REF! it's almost always because the cell, row, or column referred to has been deleted.

    However, in your case the formula didn't just get #REF! errors, it changed dramatically--it's a different formula.

    Another thing you didn't mention is that your original formula is an array formula, and the "after" version is not. The original is actually

    {=IF(OR((E4:OFFSET(E4, $B$2-1, 0))<TODAY()-365),"Old","")}

    (This was copied out of your example, though the formula in your post refers to $B$6.)

    All of this points to another formula getting copied and pasted into E1. Can you describe what is happening "over the course of a working with the spreadsheets"? Do you have any VBA? Do you have a formula like the second one somewhere (do a Find on something like ="N" to check)?

    This doesn't have anything to do with your autofilter.
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