A & D WEIGHING 408-263-5333 408-263-0119
A & D Weighing 800-726-3364 408-263-0119
A & E Sculpting and Paint Studio (562) 420-8402 adriana@aandesculpting.com
A & E Sculpting and Paint Studio 562-420-8402 562-420-0093
A & F Engineering, Inc. (586) 791-0286 (586) 791-0542
A & F Engineering, Inc. (586) 791-0542

Here is a data sample from a total batch of 143,000 rows with 5 columns (name/phone/fax/email/contact person)

I want to automate the process of making the most complete possible entry when column A matches in multiple rows. Sometimes there is 6 instances of the same column a entry.

For example with this set of data….
“A&D weighing” both entries are equally complete so no change (possibly delete second instance of a&D weighing [row 2])
“A&E sculpting” I would copy the fax number 562-420-0093 up to row 3 to complete it with phone, fax, and email (possibly delete row 4)
“A&F” (possibly delete row 6)

Completing each row as much as possible is the real key, deleting can be done manually if the coding is too much.

First time poster, please advise me if i am not doing it right.