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Excel 2007 : Return 1 or 0 if a string is found in a series of sheets

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    Return 1 or 0 if a string is found in a series of sheets

    Here is what I need to do and I have wasted all sunday on it so help would appreciated.

    I have 5 different (list) of words that I am searching for within a workbook and if they appear I would like some function to return a 1 below the word for each different sheet.

    So here goes the code that does NOT work and I have not even gotten to the list of words yet.
    Sub Find()
    For Each Sheet In Sheets

    Selection.Find(What:="value", After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:= _
    xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:=False _
    , SearchFormat:=False).Activate
    Next Sheet

    end sub
    This only finds the word "value" it does not return a 1 or a 0.
    Furthermore to returning a 1 or a 0
    I would like the function to return on which sheet name it was found.

    Thank you so much for any help.

    Maybe I can explain this better: I have 1 sheet with 5 words spaced horizontally: Value Dollar Cash Euro Dollar
    The workbook has 20 sheets lets say whose names are on the left of the sheet vertically
    I want the function to cycle through each sheet and search in a range for each one of those words and if they appear to put in a 1 below the word if they occur on a sheet.
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    Re: Return 1 or 0 if a string is found in a series of sheets

    To best describe or illustrate your problem you would be better off attaching a dummy workbook, the workbook should contain the same structure and some dummy data of the same type as the type you have in your real workbook - so, if a cell contains numbers & letters in this format abc-123 then that should be reflected in the dummy workbook.

    If needed supply a before and after sheet in the workbook so the person helping you can see what you are trying to achieve.

    Doing this will ensure you get the result you need!
    Hope that helps.

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    Re: Return 1 or 0 if a string is found in a series of sheets

    I don't think you need a macro for this.

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    With this layout, put this formula in B2 and copy down / across the table...a "1" will appear for every sheet where the word in row 1 is found on that sheet in that range:

    =--ISNUMBER(MATCH("*" & B$1 & "*", INDIRECT("'" & $A2 & "'!V70:V120"), 0))
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    Re: Return 1 or 0 if a string is found in a series of sheets

    The below is a VBA approach but which closely resembles JB's approach:

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