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Conditional Formatting - Relative Reference - Icon Sets

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    Conditional Formatting - Relative Reference - Icon Sets


    I'm working off of data in a single column.

    I want to apply the conditional formatting (icon set) to the top 15 rows, depending on what the value of the cell is in row 16 - 30, or 31-45.

    So for example

    A1 = 1500
    A16 = 1300
    A31 = 1200

    I would want the "green arrow" for A1 because 1500 is more than A16.

    A2 = 1300
    A17 = 1400
    A31 = 1200

    I would want the "yellow arrow" for A2 because 1300 is less than A17, but more than A31.

    Now, I can do the above via the conditional formatting icon set currently. However, I want to copy the relative reference down the list and to the next 5 columns.

    How do I do this relative reference conditional formatting copy?


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    Re: Conditional Formatting - Relative Reference - Icon Sets

    I tried playing with the icon sets but Excel told me (very specifically) "You cannot use Relative References with Conditional Formatting using Color Scales, Data Bars and Icon Sets.
    Attached is an example using basic Conditional Formatting (I changed background color, you could change font color). You need to set up the formulas for each set (1-15,16-30,31-45) separately. For example, Select A1:A15 and Conditional Formatting >New Rule>Use Formula

    Green: =A1>MAX(A16,A31)
    Yellow: =AND(A1>MIN(A16,A31),A1<MAX(A16,A31))
    Red: =A1<MIN(A16,A31)

    Does that work for you?
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