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Cannot use Vlookup for mirror Image of text

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    Cannot use Vlookup for mirror Image of text

    In column A and B, I have a combination of legs achieved by some background work. There are 30 stocks in total and are paired up so 15 Pairs. These pairs are shown in D, which is just a text combination of =A3&B3 etc.

    The 30 stocks have 435 combinations if paired up and are listed in alphabetical order in column I&J. Column L =I3&J3 etc which is text Leg1 and Leg2. Column O = J3&I3 etc which is text Leg2 and Leg1.

    I need to do a Vlookup for the pairs in Column D. Since the pairs shown in Coulmn D can either be Leg1&Leg2 or Leg2&Leg1 (As an example SIE GY EquityVOW GY Equity
    =Leg1&Leg2, SZG GY EquityHEN3 GY Equity= Leg2&Leg1).

    Columns E&F show how the Vlookup works. I cant seem to be able to do a single Vlookup.
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    Re: Cannot use Vlookup for mirror Image of text

    Based on the way you've configured your "master list" the only way you can conduct the calc in a single VLOOKUP would be to ensure the criteria is generated in the correct order - eg:


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