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finding specific data in a row

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    finding specific data in a row

    I have a row of data where i need to find a piece of information relating to two other bits of info.
    I.E. i need to find the number which follows the following sequence:

    01/04/2009 PENS - where the space is another cell

    The problem is that in the row there could be:

    01/04/2009 BASI


    08/09/2010 PENS

    So i do i find the number which follows: 01/04/2009 PENS

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    Re: finding specific data in a row


    Your request is not clear enough, at least to me. Can you upload an example workbook with a before and after situation shown. Make sure there is a representative sample containing all variations of your data.

    Richard Buttrey

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    Re: finding specific data in a row

    An idea: Create a column with an if statement. Because you're using dates, the formatting will get annoying, so put the two variables you want to look for in two cells at the top (let's say you have "01/04/2009" in A1 and "PENS" in B1.

    Now, your formula. I'm assuming all your dates are in column A, your four-letter words (PENS and BASI) are in column C, and the numbers you want are in column D.

    Put your formula in column E (or wherever you want it):
    =if(and(A3=$A$1, C3=$B$1), D, "FALSE"). Then copy the formula in column E down as far as you have values in columns A and C.

    This will return the values in column D where "01/04/2009" appears in column A AND "PENS" appears in column C. Now you can put in a data filter (Alt, d, f, f) and temporarily filter out all of the "FALSE" replies, to get the numbers you want.

    Is that what you wanted?
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