I have a large workbook with about a dozen or so charts. I use this charts in a Word document report. In the report I use links to these charts so I don't have to recopy them every time I generate the report.

There are two or three charts that I needed to re-paste due to errors by the authors. In at least two cases, the Paste as Link option causes the wrong chart to appear in the Word document. If I do a Paste without making it a link, the resulting picture (or chart, or however I select to insert it) does use the correct chart.

I am using a worbook that was originally created using Excel 2003 and continues to be maintained in Excel 2007 as a 97-2003 workbook in compatibility mode.

Is this due to:
  1. A bug in 2003 when creating
  2. A bug in 2007 when copying & pasting
  3. A bug in compatibility mode
  4. A corruption in the workbook
  5. "User error"
  6. Other
Any suggested solutions? I could recreate the whole thing in a new book but that's not my first choice because it has a pivot table that refers to another workbook, macros, etc., etc.