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Condensed SUMPRODUCT of 7 lookup values and 2 corresponding columns

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    Condensed SUMPRODUCT of 7 lookup values and 2 corresponding columns

    Hi everybody,

    I have 7 lookup values on each row from columns Z:AF, and I want the corresponding value of Column A of File BBL220.xls that are on column C and D of that same file. I was able to do it like this [The sum of each corresponding value on one column at a time]:


    However, this is when the file is opened, but the file is so well buried in directories that when I close the file, the formula is just a mess and is really huge. I am affraid that as the file gets even more buried in years to come, this formula may exceed the character limit.

    Any ideas on how to add column C & D without having a formula for each? I know I can cut it but I prefer everything on one cell.

    Thanks a ton
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    Re: Condensed SUMPRODUCT of 7 lookup values and 2 corresponding columns

    How about?

    Where there is a will there are many ways.

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