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Handling format year - week of year?

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    Handling format year - week of year?

    Hello im Nils!

    Im working on excell files trying to make weekly reports easier to create by using vlookup on year and nr of week. The format our database uses is year - week of year (2007-05 = fifth week of 2007). But excell takes it for may of 2007... so when im trying to vlookup "2007-01" nothing is found because excell has formatted it to 2007-01-01, so its adding -01 to the end making vlookup not finding it.

    Even if i vlookup 2007-01-01 it doesnt find it because it shows in the cell as 2007-01 but in the field it still says 2007 - 01 - 01.

    So im wondering what to do? Can i loop the entire sheet with the database data and format it to text or? im supposed to be able to just paste the database data into an excell sheet and another sheet automatically updates tables and stuff..

    All the other fields has the format 2007 - 13 and is found by vlookup but not the first 12 weeks.

    Any ideas?

    And im using excell 2007 without vba.

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    Re: Handling format year - week of year?

    Try something like


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