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Conditional Shape of an arrow based on cell value

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    Conditional Shape of an arrow based on cell value

    Hi crew,

    I can almost hear you guys telling me that changing the direction in which an arrow on my worksheet based on whether, say, A1>A2, can only be done with code. But is worth a try to ask whether we can do it some other way. I searched, but all of them as asking to change the colour of an autoshape or make it disappear, and stuff like that, and on all of them code was recommended. Would that be for my case as well?

    Thanks pals,
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    Re: Conditional Shape of an arrow based on cell value

    For sure, it is worth a try, unfortunately...

    This can only be done with code.
    This example is a protected sheet so that only one cell can be changed.
    Change the Number and the line will change.
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