Hi all

Iím not quite sure if this is the right place to post this question (I was redirected here from an Excel site), but Iíll give it a shot and hope someone can help.

I have an Excel table of five columns and, at this moment, 80 rows. It consists of a member name and other details in the first four columns. The fifth column is a logo of that rows identity.

This spreadsheet is then saved as HTML, then placed in an iFrame on my site. But I quite often need to add new members, so the table needs to be sorted with each addition.

At the moment, I lock the logo image to the cell. That works fine when sorting. However, as I use these images in multiple places on my site, they are unnecessarily uploaded to the viewerís browser multiple times, and need to be duplicated on my server for both purposes.

Is there a way to place an imageís HTML source into that cell, which will then be sorted with the other data?

So far, all of my efforts have resulted in displayed the HTML code itself, not the image.