I've got a file that works just fine in Excel 2003 and 2007, but won't open in 2010. It's got a series of flash videos (via YouTube) embedded (about 10) and when Excel 2010 opens the file, it just hangs, and the status bar at the bottom says "Contacting the server for information. Press ESC to cancel". It then crashes after some time. Note that if I have one video, it's fine, though there is a 3 or 4 second lag while Excel 2010 "contacts the server" but when I bring it up to 3 or 4, it causes Excel to crash.

I'd really appreciate some help on this. Is there anything I can do to make Excel 2010 not "contact the server".

You can find an example of a file that causes this error here: http://www.exceleverest.com/DownloadDemo.aspx