Hello all, i need detailed formulas for the below example.

Info for below example -> (Working day) in A16 cell to (6.00) in G21 cell.

Working day Mon to Fri 0830 to 1730 Lunch hr 1
Working day Sat 0830 to 1230 Lunch hr 0

Start date Day 1 End date Day 2 Elapse Time Total Hrs
8/5/10 10:00 Thu 8/6/10 9:00 Fri 0.96 23.00
8/14/10 9:00 Sat 8/16/10 15:00 Mon 0.25 6.00

QNS 1: I need the formula to calculate accurate elapse time hrs within mon to fri working hrs (830am to 530pm) but with a 1 hour break time subtract from working hrs which = 8 hrs of working hrs daily after subtract break time. So that it would appear as 7 hrs in the elapse time cell instead of 0.96. I got 0.96 by entering =NETWORKDAYS(B20,D20)-1-MOD(B20,1)+MOD(D20,1)

Just incase you need to know. I used =B13+C13 on cell D20 which is a direct input start date and time at B13 and C13 cell.

QNS 2: how do i apply the same formula for QNS 1 to work with Sat? Since Sat working hrs from 830am to 1230pm with no break = 4 hrs. So that it doesnt calculate hrs after Sat 1230pm and Sun but only resume calculating on Mon 830am. So that it would appear as 9 hrs in the elapse time cell instead of 0.25 after including subtraction of 1 hrs break on monday.

please help !