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List creation

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    Smile List creation

    I am not sure if this is possible but I wanted to know does anyone know how to create a drop down list but when I select an item it displays difference rows. For example lets say I have a two store location which hold similar product. If I select store A excel will show a list of products and if I select Store B it show a different selection of product.

    Basically I have multiple checklists that I use on a daily basis that hold pretty much similar information depending on the product. What I would like to do is have this in excel format where if I select one list it only list what i need and if I select a different list it show exactly what I need.

    At the moment I have to print out each list depending on the product and fill it in by hand. The list are in word format but I would like to have them in excel. If any one know how I can do please let me know its driving me crazy having to print out these list everyday. Its to the point where I might have to look for a new job.

    I hope this makes sense
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