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Why is my program hanging?

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    Why is my program hanging?

    My excel hangs multiple time a day (5-20) and I need to fix the problem.

    I use DDE links to download data from Thomson Reuters. Maybe 100 different links with 400-500 derivative calculations in all. I bring in data for two sheets where sheet A references data on sheet B for some calculations.

    It works fine most of the time. TR has checked my memory and connection response time and both are more than adaquet.

    Could I be pushing on the limits of the program? How can I get further insight into the problem.

    P.S. I tested Office 2010 Excel and have the same issues...

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    Re: Why is my program hanging?

    Could I be pushing on the limits of the program?
    Sounds like it.

    It's really hard to tell without more info about the sheet.

    What happens if you delete half the data sources? If it suddenly fixes we probably have an answer.

    There may be lots of ways of refining your queries, depending on the situation - if you upload an obfuscated version we may be able to help more.

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