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Pivot table using multi-value column

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    Pivot table using multi-value column

    I trying to build a pivot table using a column that has multiple values separated by a comma. For each register (line) this column could have different values in different quantities. Something like:

    XXXXX YYYYY valueA, valueB, valueC
    KKKKK ZZZZZ valueD
    HHHHH TTTTT valueB, valueC

    My question is: is there any way to have the pivot considering each value of the last column as a separated one? In other worlds, how can I transform the table above in something like this:

    XXXXX YYYYY valueA
    XXXXX YYYYY valueB
    XXXXX YYYYY valueC
    KKKKK ZZZZZ valueD
    HHHHH TTTTT valueB
    HHHHH TTTTT valueC

    Thank you and best regards,
    R. Inomata
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    Re: Pivot table using multi-value column


    To generate the Pivot you will need to first transform the table as you have outlined.

    Applying "Text to Columns" on your concatenated value column (based on comma) will get you part of the way but you would not want to use the results of this as the source for the Pivot as you will have multiple amount columns.

    However, once you have run Text to Columns you can then in turn using an intermediate Multi Consolidation Pivot to help you transform the data set - see: http://datapigtechnologies.com/blog/...-a-pivottable/

    The alternative would be to use VBA to do the transformation (ie alter original table) which if this task is to be repeated would make sense.

    If it's a one off task I'd simply follow the manual process given it won't take long.

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