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Alternative to Copy and Filter?

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    Alternative to Copy and Filter?

    Hi all, please help if you can. I am trying to have data copy automatically from one sheet to two others to separate it out based on several criteria. I have a working method for this, but it is way too resource heavy, and can take up to a minute to recalculate the cells after a single change.

    I have 3 sheets that I am working with. Sheet 1 is a master inventory of equipment (call this sheet "master") from several funding sources. Sheet 2 and 3 each copy all the data from the master, then filter it by criteria in two columns. Each cell in sheet 2 and 3 contains the following function (including extra rows for future data):


    This copies the data. I then use autofilter to show only rows coming from a certain funding source (call it "mike"). Finally, I use autofilter to show only equipment at certain locations (site "near" for sheet 2 and site "far" for sheet 3).

    The next two sheets a showed in the sample, but I believe they are working well.

    This works fine for the attached sample, but my master sheet is 1500 rows and 10 columns, plus additional sheets with their own formulas, so I need to optimize this somehow. Any advice appreciated.
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