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Structuring a workbook - Maintaining Same Structure In Multiple Sheets

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    Structuring a workbook - Maintaining Same Structure In Multiple Sheets

    I have a long and elaborate table on Sheet1 of my workbook.

    I would like to have the same exact table on approx. 10 other sheets:

    -Same Formatting / Structure
    -Same Formulas in locked/protected cells
    -Mostly same named ranges but some will vary (Sheet1Column1, Sheet2Column1, etc.)
    -Different Values in unlocked cells

    When I make changes to Sheet1, I would like:

    STRUCTURAL CHANGES to apply to all 10 sheets (adding columns, table headers, formulas, formatting, etc.)
    DATA ENTRY CHANGES to apply only to the active sheet (entering a non-formula value)

    I know there is no magic trick that will make this all happen exactly as I want. I'm looking for strategies for organizing and structuring a workbook to make this more efficient.

    My current method is to make changes to sheet 1, copy them, select all 10 to make them active, paste the changes, then paste column widths. Then I have to go in and adjust all of my named ranges. It's tedius and easy to make mistakes... Any thoughts on a better system?

    Thank you

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    Re: Structuring a workbook - Maintaining Same Structure In Multiple Sheets

    Before you create the table or make changes to it, Group the sheets that you want to have the same formulas/formatting.

    Hold down the control key and click on any sheets you want grouped. Changes to the active sheet will carry over to all grouped sheets.
    IMPORTANT: Remember to ungroup them when you are done (Right click on any of the sheet tabs and choose "Ungroup")
    Does that help?
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