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Vacation Accrual - hire date and calendar year

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    Vacation Accrual - hire date and calendar year

    Stumbled upon this website, which helped me get going on what I set out to do based on another post, but am a little over my head at this point.

    Our company accrues vacation on a calendar year, with the accrual rate defined by the hire date.

    <1 year= 0 days/year
    >1 year = 5 days/year
    >3 years= 10 days/year
    >10 years= 15 days/year
    >15 years = 20 days/year

    The attached spreadsheet is great for calculating time accrued based on hire date, but I need to take it a step or two further. I would like the accrual to start on the first of the year, but need to account for any accrual rate change on the employee's anniversary date during the year.

    In other words, during a calendar year an employee about to hit their third anniversary would accrue days at the 5 day rate until their anniversary date, at which point going forward they would accrue at 10 days.

    Thanks for any assistance and please let me know if any other information is necessary.

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