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Comments boxes keep changing size

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    Comments boxes keep changing size


    I am building a spreadsheet that will be used by other people so am adding lots of comments boxes in to make it easier for people to use. However I am finding that many of the comments boxes keep changing size and often become so small that I can't read hardly any of the text in them at all! I cannot trace exactly why this is happening but seems to have something to do with me either moving cells around (drag and drop) or resizing rows and columns. What I want though is the comments boxes to stay exactly the same size as I have set them, regardless of where I move them too or how many changes I make to cell heights/widths etc!

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    Ps - I am using Excel 2007.

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    Re: Comments boxes keep changing size

    I am having the same trouble and am also using Excel 2007. Also, when I want to add an additional comment to an existing box all too often I find the box way down on my spreadsheet instead of staying next to the host cell. When I say way down I mean the host cell could be A1 and the place the box ends up at could be D300! Yes, it is that bad... and frustrating.

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