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Organizing data including linked cells

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    Organizing data including linked cells

    If there is a better way to achieve the end result of what I'm trying to do it would be appreciated as I just stumbled my way to this point.

    What I have is separate workbooks for each user who is inputting data which is then fed into a master file by way of linked cells, and then notes are put into the master file to correspond with each entry to be linked back to the separate workbooks. All workbooks are protected so that formulas aren't accidentally moved or deleted.

    eg. My file has cells A1, B1, which I put data into, and then my manager responds to this data on her own workbook with her A1 and B1 referencing mine, and entering her response into C1, which I will then see in my C1.

    The problem now is managing this information as neither the master or the slave workbooks exclusively can move the data around or sort it.

    eg. If I want to move my A3 and B3 cells up to A2 and B2 in order to fill a gap, then the C3 cell will no longer make sense, unless it is also moved from it's own workbook.

    One thought I had was to hide unused rows in the master file, but I haven't been able to figure out how to enable macros that I've found online, and that wouldn't really solve the bigger problem at this point. It would be ideal if the data could sort itself in a way that C3 would always know it's associated with A3 and B3 and vice versa so that moving either would cause the others to relocate as well. I'm hoping for a better system than what I'm doing here as there doesn't seem to be an elegant solution. Thank you!
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