I have an excel 2007 spreadsheet which contains well formatted relative hyperlinks to drawings...so far so good.

Is there any way that I can hide the hyperlink if it is broken? i.e. could a formula kind of like =HYPERLINK("Dwgs\"&Y6&AB6,IF(link not broken,"","")) work? its the fictitious "link not broken" command that I need to work out.

(my current formulas are like....=HYPERLINK("Dwgs\"&Y6&AB6,"") where Y6 is the part name and AB6 is the extension. This means that when i copy a drawing into the "Dwg" folder with the correct part number name as long as the extension (such as .pdf) matches the selected one in AB6 the hyperlink works. I don't want to fix the broken hyperlinks as the broken ones are only broken when I haven't got around to doing the drawing yet. )

Please help if you can as this would be a big help and I cant find the answer on the net.

Many Thanks,