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Find - 2 problems in Excel 2010

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    Find - 2 problems in Excel 2010

    Hi All,

    1. Is there a way to solve this:
    When I search for the value: 8734 8340 2616
    it find the value and take me directly to the cell.
    When I search the same value but without any space it doe not find it.
    Do I have to search only in the format I entered the data?

    2. I use USB scanner to scan the product barcode.
    When I scan it, i get a pop up window with choosing format.
    When I choose the format of the cell it still does not looking for it directly.
    Any help?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Re: Find - 2 problems in Excel 2010

    8734 8340 2616 is a string, it's not a number, because of the embedded spaces. It's not just a number that Excel puts spaces in for display, the spaces are actually in the data. Therefore Excel can't find a match if your Find string isn't an exact match, including spaces.

    If the data were entered as a number (that is, no spaces), and you used Format to display it with the spaces, then a Find on the number without the spaces would work fine.

    I don't really understand what you mean in #2. Do you have an interface so that data from the scanner is automatically inserted into an Excel file? What format do you choose? Does scan initiate a search in the file for the number that was just scanned, or is the search you are talking about after you have scanned a bunch of numbers into a file?
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