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scanning barcodes to find cell and put info in them

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    scanning barcodes to find cell and put info in them

    I have Excell 2003 at work and my job is to audit the paperwork for any mistakes and track not only the accountability (like an inventory program) of the paperwork but all the rejects. Here is what my spreadsheet looks like:

    column a - "Recv'd into Audit" - the date I received the piece of paperwork (workcard)

    column b - "Workcard #" - is the number of the workcard I received, it is barcoded so all I have to do is scan the workcard and the number is entered into a cell in this row. ( I have my scanner set up right now to enter after every scan so it drops to the next cell after scanning, but I sometimes reset the default setting or set it up to tab over)

    column c - "A/W Audit" - is a box which is marked with an "x" as soon as the workcard is entered in my spread sheet telling my boss the card has not been looked at yet and is waiting for me to get to it or I have not finished looking at it.

    column d - "Rejected" - if I reject the workcard the date I reject it goes here

    column e - "Mech" - employee number, which I have barcodes already for, of the unrated tech who signed off the work if it is on a rejected card

    column f - "Tech" - employee number, which I have barcodes already for, of the rated tech who signed off the work if it is on a rejected card

    column g - "Insp" - employee number of the inspector, which I have barcodes already for, who signed off the work if it is on a rejected card

    column h - "Code" - I have codes for the various mistakes that can lead to a workcard being rejected, i have bar codes that I can and it will fill in the code number

    column i - "entered" - and "x" goes here once I have tabulated the different cause codes onto a totals page so that the rate of which codes come up the most is tracked

    column j - "recv" - an "x" goes here once a rejected card comes back to me fixed, letting my boss know that the reject is back in my office

    column k - "audit complete" - a date goes her once I have completed the audit of the workcard

    column L - "records" - a date goes here when our records department picks up the workcard

    which looks somethinlike this if a card went all the way throught the system after it has been rejected and fixed and sent to records:

    example: say this is row 1
    Recv'd into Audit - workcard # - A/W Audit - Reject - Mech - Tech - Insp-
    01/04/11 - 0459061102 - - 01/06/11 - 0562 - 1178 - 3q

    Code(s) - enter - Recv - audit complete - records
    3e - x - x - 01/08/11 - 01/09/11

    an example of one a/w audit looks like this: say this is row two
    Recv'd into Audit - workcard # - A/W Audit - Reject - Mech - Tech - Insp-
    01/04/11 - 0459061102 - x

    Code(s) - enter - Recv - audit complete - records

    I usually get anywhere from 50 to 200 pieces of paper a day, I enter the card number or scan them in and the date I received them then sort them into numerical order. the cards are not in numerical order though so when I have to start inputting the reject information its a lot of typing. I was wondering if I can scan a card number then maybe another barcode one that tells the spreadsheet that this card it rejected so it automatically goes to that card and puts a date in the reject column in the row for that card


    I scanned the workcard and the card was found in column b row 1 and if I now scan a reject barcode it would automatically put the current date in the reject cell column d row 1 or if i scan the worcard then a barcode that tells it to go to the "tech" cell for that card and then I can scan the techs barcode to enter his employee number.

    basically I want to know if I can scan a card, excel finds the card then scan a barcode so excel automatically moves to that cell for that card. So instead of having to hand write all the information then enter it into the spread sheet I just scan all kind of barcodes to have it move from place to place according to the card I scanned.


    Also say I have 50 workcards and they are all audit complete with no problems. I would like to scan them and maybe scan a barcode that tells the spreadsheet to put the current date into the audit complete cell for those cards.

    Is any of this possible, cause I have to have some light at the end of the tunnel, I look at and track, by hand then entered into the spread sheet, anywhere fro 15000 to 25000 pieces of paper a year. Accountability is very important but I have to do all this tracking to see where we have problems with our paperwork.


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    Re: scanning barcodes to find cell and put info in them

    Hi rkruse
    Your question is undoubtably clear to you, and your description is very well detailed, but......

    You would do best to post a sample workbook showing your Sheet Layout and perhaps Before and After examples.

    This workbook should clearly illustrate your problem and not contain any sensitive data.


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