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Excel 2007 : Sumifs formula lookup multiple criteria in criteria range

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    Sumifs formula lookup multiple criteria in criteria range

    I have a sumifs formula that is working correctly, but is extremely long and I am hoping to get it shortened. The formula I have set up is as follows:

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    Now this isn't the full formula, but this shows how it looks. The "Test!$B$1" part of the sumifs formula goes from B$1$ all the way to B$30$, so the formula is very long. In order to shorten the formula, I have been trying to replace the Second Criteria ("Test!$B$1") in the Second Criteria Range ("Data!$B$2:$B$39654") of the sumifs formula with some sort of constant value, but can't seem to figure it out. Is there anyway to shorten this formula? Or is there a different variation I could use?

    I appreciate any and all help.


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    Re: Sumifs formula lookup multiple criteria in criteria range

    Try naming the ranges instead of using tab and cell references.
    It's located in the formula tab, and you can select your range, and "create from selection". Do that for all your ranges, and when constructing your now shortened formula, replace the range locations with their new name.

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