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How to make rows skip columns?

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    How to make rows skip columns?

    I am kind of new to Excel and hope that this isn't something really easy that I should know. I don't think it is though.
    I am using Excel 2007
    Here is the situation. I have a row with a lot of numbers which are costs for a particular month. They are in columns that go January, February, March, etc. all the way to December. Before January is a column called Year Total X (X is whatever year it is totalling costs from, of which there are several). The total is just all of the cells for that year added up. These cells are calculated using numbers given on another sheet in that file. I cannot be too specific, but the formula has percentages for that year on the other sheet in the file, and it calculates costs that way.
    What I am trying to do is to be able to move the dates that these costs begin accumulating. However when I just select those cells and move that row to the right, it also moves the year costs, which messes everything up. My question is how do I fix (make unmovable) the column that has the year totals so that I can move the dates and that they skip over the year and move from December to January instead of moving the year too?
    I know this is complicated, and I really appreciate any help.

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    Re: How to make rows skip columns?


    It sounds like you want an absolute reference instead of a relative reference. That link should get you started. Basically, to lock a reference (either column or row) put a dollar symbol $ in front of it.


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