I was wondering if it would be possible to pull images from one spreadsheet to another using an "if" formula. I currently have set up 2 separate spreadsheets for my work where I post a work list for the managers in my spreadsheets, and the information is pulled into their spreadsheets. They then are able to sign off on it and that information is in turn pulled into my spreadsheet. The managers are only able to edit columns G-I, the rest of the cells are locked/protected so they cannot edit their work load. Additionally, each spreadsheet is password protected so I cannot edit their spreadsheet and they cannot edit mine.

The goal is to be able to paste an image of a signature into the cell and have it pull from one spreadsheet to the other, which I'm not certain is possible since it doesn't seem that you can attach an image to a cell. Additionally, the only person who is able to have access to the signature is the manager or me, we will not have access to the other person's signature. The purpose of this is not being able to falsify when work was completed.

Is any of this possible? Does anyone have a suggestion on how to solve this?


P.S. The formula I'm using to pull information is =if(C1="","",C1) [C1 being where the address to the spreadsheet/tab/cell is]