Hi People,
I am trying to figure out a way to calculate total sales of different products from a statement. The statement looks like this:

Product ID - Product Name – Price – Quantity – Total – Currency – Country
001________T-shirt black____6______2______12____EUR_______Spain
003________T-shirt white____5______1_______5____USD_______USA
001________T-shirt black____7______3______21____EUR______Germany
and so on… x 1000

And I would like to have them calculated like this:

Product ID – Product Name – Quantity USA – Total USD – Quantity Europe – Total EUR
001_________T-Shirt black_____200_________1000_________200__________1300
002_________T-Shirt green_____100_________540__________300__________1500
and so on…

Basically the same product appears multiple times on the statement list and has sales from different countries with different currencies. I would like to have a formula that automatically calculates the totals from the statement list based on the ID number. Could anyone help? Thank you very much!