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Assistance with linked cells: bold formatting & filled cells

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    Question Assistance with linked cells: bold formatting & filled cells


    Please see my attachment, which is a sample of my worksheet.

    1) I would like each row of five cells in a group of cells to be formatted bold if the number in the first column is 1. (Please see the first group of cells called "Sector A" as an example of how I would like it to format automatically.)

    2) I would also like any blank cells to automatically fill, preferably with the pattern/color (thin horizontal crosshatch) also shown in the "Sector A" group of cells.

    3) Next; when I link any of the groups of cells from the worksheet to a group of cells on sheet2 (sheet2 is formatted in a smaller font, if that is relevant,) I would like the cells with auto bold formatting and auto fill from the worksheet to carry it to sheet2.

    4) Lastly; all of the blank (soon to be auto filled?) cells from the worksheet automatically have a value of 0, 0.00, 0.0% on sheet2 when they are linked. I need those cells to be linked so that I can add information later, but I don't want the 0's in the cells. *I just found this answer in the thread titled "=c5 how to prevent blank cells from being represented as "0"? " and answered by Jeff. Thank you!

    I would be very grateful for any assistance. Thank you for you help!

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    Re: Assistance with linked cells: bold formatting & filled cells


    Using your sample file this is actually quite tricky to do with a universal approach, however, the below should resolve 1 & 2:

    Highlight A3:Q23 and apply the following Conditional Format rules:

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    Note Rule2 assumes that you always have 2 "empty" lines in each table following last record (per sample file).

    Regards Q3 - I don't really follow - there's only one sheet in your sample for ex. I would suggest posting a revised example (with above in place) such that people can see what you're trying to achieve - in other words include your desired results (before & after type approach).

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