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Compare Information Between Two Worksheets

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    Compare Information Between Two Worksheets


    I am an intern at a clinic and one of my projects is to consolidate the two different medical record systems our clinic currently uses. I have created two different excel files (one for each system) which display basic patient information (name, DOB, address, etc) for all the patients in each system (>1000 patients). My goal is to compare the two files to find patients who are in one system and not in the other. I've tried combining the two files and sorting by last name, first name, DOB, but one of the files displays the information in all uppercase letters which seems to throw off the sorting. I'd appreciate any and all suggestions and I'm happy to provide more information if necessary.


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    Re: Compare Information Between Two Worksheets


    Welcome to the Excel Forum.

    Can we see a sampling of your workbooks?

    To get the most precise answer, it is best to upload/attach a sample workbook (sensitive data scrubbed/removed/changed) that contains an example of your raw data on one worksheet, and on another worksheet your desired results.

    The structure and data types of the sample workbook must exactly duplicate the real workbook. Include a clear and explicit explanation of your requirements.

    To attach your workbook, click on the New Post button, then scroll down and click on the Go Advanced button, then scroll down and click on the Manage Attachments button.
    Have a great day,

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    If you are satisfied with the solution(s) provided, please mark your thread as Solved by clicking EDIT in your original post, click GO ADVANCED and set the PREFIX box to SOLVED.

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