Ok so this has been bugging me. I'm making an excel chart of different drink mixes and the "Return" key is really irritating me with the way it wants to work.

Column A = Drink name, Column B = Ingredients.

When I type in the Drink name, I 'Tab' over to Column B to put in the first ingredient. That's fine, BUT when I press enter, the cursor moves back to Column A, so i have to either tab over again, or I have to completely click off the row and back to column B so that when I press enter the cursor goes down.

I've searched for a while now and haven't found anything to help my cause.

Please how do I keep Excel from remembering the column in which I started. When I press enter I want the cursor to go down.....and only down. No returning to previous column, not go right...Down.

(I do have the setting in excel options to go down)