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Excel 2007 : Countifs to gather data from multiple sheets, based on multiple criteria

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    Exclamation Countifs to gather data from multiple sheets, based on multiple criteria

    Hi all,

    Im currently working on sheet that compiles all the data input into several other sheets.So, essentially there are several sheets which are manually input by people, these are the individual survey results.
    On the "Analysis1/2" Sheet, I have put two drop down menus, one which selects the individual responsible for the survey and the other which names the survey whose results I want to display.
    So based on these two selections the data should autopopulate in the "Analysis1/2 sheet. Which in itself, has the 2 tables for two different sets of calculations.
    Also, I have either the option of putting a "date from" and date to" column, so depending on the dates entered into these cells, the data should be picked up from corresponding surveys. OR, I can just hardcode the dates into the formulas and seperate the results table as Quarter1/2/3/4. PLEASE HELP!!!!
    I hope this information is enough. Please do let me know for any clarifications. Attaching sheet for you'll.

    Thanks in advance.
    p.s. Im very very new to excel
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