Hi all,

I am new to Excel 2010 so the question I am asking might be obvious.

I would like to paste in some text (seven rows long) into one Excel cell and for it to keep its format. The text I am pasting into the cell has many words in different colours. When I paste this text into one cell, it removes the colour to the text. On the other hand, if I right click a cell then select paste “Keep Source Formatting”, it pastes it into multiple rows instead of one cell but it keeps the colour format. Is there a way I can paste the formatted colour text using “Keep Source Formatting” option into one Excel cell instead of multiple cells? I am pasting the text from a Word 2010 document into an Excel 2010 workbook.

The example text I would like to paste into one cell:
foreach (var item in query)
TreeNode interviewTreeNode = new TreeNode("Interview Details:" + item.Title, null, null, thisWeb.Lists["Interviews"].DefaultViewUrl, "_self");
TreeNode applicantTreeNode = new TreeNode("Applicant:" + item.Name, null, null, thisWeb.Lists["Candidates"].DefaultViewUrl, "_self");
TreeNode homecityTreeNode = new TreeNode("Home City:" + item.HomeCity, null, null, thisWeb.Lists["Candidates"].DefaultViewUrl, "_self");


I hope you can help.