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Return Values of adjacent cells ONLY if cell is blank

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    Return Values of adjacent cells ONLY if cell is blank

    Hello All,

    First off thank you, this forum has been a great resource for all my Excel needs.

    So heres the issue, a bit complex but bear with me...

    I am working off of a resource scheduler that breaks down our consultants by Name and Time (AM and PM) down the rows, and by Date along the columns.

    Therefore one full day of a project for one consultant would have 2 cells on top of each other (C2 and C3 for example). A two day project would have 4 (C2, C3, D2, D3).

    Right now we merge the cells, so the value would lie in C2, but would show on top of all 4 cells.

    I am running an analysis where I want to break down projects and time worked by each of our consultants. Perhaps by having a summary which counts the amount of times "Project X" is shown throughout the month (or something similar).

    Does anyone have an idea on how to do something like this? I am happy to attach a file if it would help. Thanks so much, it is greatly appreciated!


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    Re: Return Values of adjacent cells ONLY if cell is blank

    Hello Dave,

    Yes a workbook is always much more useful than just a description. It's much easier if we can see your request in context. Make sure you show a before and after example so that we know what we're aiming for, and any other relevant notes.


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    Re: Return Values of adjacent cells ONLY if cell is blank

    It's a bit difficult to propose a solution on the basis of the description provided.

    Please upload a sample workbook with some typical scenarios and the expected output. So, for example, one day's work, two day's work, and so on.

    Do you have any control over what you get presented with?


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