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Auto Fill Formula Issue PLEASE HELP!

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    Auto Fill Formula Issue PLEASE HELP!

    Whenever I try to auto fill a formula in an excel spreadsheet instead of applying the formula to each row individually it is copies the first row all the way down to the bottom. Also, the formulas appear to be correct column "C" (i.e. A2/B2, A3/A3, A4/A4, etc.) But, it is not resulting in the correct number answer in the column.

    50,755 47,965 94.50%
    82,716 78,151 94.50%
    87,268 81,983 94.50%
    212,871 191,693 94.50%
    231,691 206,213 94.50%
    33,526 29,795 94.50%
    323,675 279,286 94.50%
    75,733 63,849 94.50%

    I do this all the time in Excel and it has always worked. I did a report last week were it worked, so I am not sure what the problem could be. Any assistance that you could provide would be appreciated.

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    Re: Auto Fill Formula Issue PLEASE HELP!

    Do you have automatic calculation turned on? See Excel options - Formulas - Calculation options

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