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Advanced Filter Criteria Range Help

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    Exclamation Advanced Filter Criteria Range Help

    Hi guys and girls,

    In the attachment you will find a list of products named "list". The first column is the product number i.e. 111.32 The following 9 columns are SKU numbers. To the right of the list is a section titled "criteria." This is the criteria I am using to run the advanced filter on the list to the left. Below, is the section where i would like the adanced filter to copy the results to. Sounds easy, but as you can see in the criteria section, there are multiple product numbers that match (111.32), BUT have different sets of SKU #'s. When excel goes to filter the table, it is only finding the one match for each column, and copying it to the section below. You can see the results in the table.

    As you can see in the "criteria" section, there are 4 sets of criteria (each outlined in a different color) that form the "criteria" section. So, there should be 4 sets of SKU #'s in each column in the "copy to" section. BUT there is NOT. It is grouping like items.

    I don't want it to "group" the like items together and only list them once. I want it to list out each result. So for example: If there are 5 product numbers that match i.e. 111.32, that I want to see that 5 times in the column below, not just once.

    Is there a way of doing this? I would like to do so with no VBA, as I am a novice. But, if that is the only way, than I have no choice.

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