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Index Match nesting w/ partial text string criteria

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    Index Match nesting w/ partial text string criteria

    Not sure if this is still the route I can take now that I'm looking to add this partial text string element. I understand that with the concatenation this may not really be viable but I'm copying the formula as is just to demonstrate my intent:

    =INDEX('RM 2010-2011'!E$105:E$213,MATCH($B$39&"^"&"*"&C$39&"*"&"^"&$D53,'RM 2010-2011'!$B$105:$B$213&"^"&'RM 2010-2011'!$C$105:$C$213&"^"&'RM 2010-2011'!$D$105:$D$213,0))

    The italicized bold portion is the culprit. Essentially I want to return the value in 'RM 2010-2011'!E$105:E$213 that matches three criteria which I'll select from drop downs ; however, the criteria in C39 represents only a portion of the string in 'RM 2010-2011'!C105:C213 so concatenation fails. Any suggestions? Can I nest something like a FIND or SEARCH function in the INDEX, concatenate the arrays in the other worksheet, then employ the wildcards for a partial match? Need to keep all three criteria satisfied though. Thanks.


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    Re: Index Match nesting w/ partial text string criteria

    Can you upload example workbook?

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