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Excel 2007 : Make series formatting consistent between charts

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    Make series formatting consistent between charts

    For each grade level in my school, I have a single table on which I track student test scores . I have several different line charts that pull different aspects of this data from this table. Each student is a series on these charts. How can I (somewhat easily) format the series so that each student's line color and style is consistent from one chart to the next? There are just too many students and charts to do this manually. If it helps, the students are in the same order on the charts, since it is all in a single table.

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    Re: Make series formatting consistent between charts

    Hi Phil,

    Try this,
    Copy the chart that has the formatting you want to use on all other charts,

    select another chart, Paste Special, this is done differently depending on your version of Excel, but pressing, Alt E S should bring up the paste special window. Select Formats, click OK. That should do the trick.


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