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Hyperlinked Index with additional info from referenced cells???

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    Hyperlinked Index with additional info from referenced cells???

    I wonder if any of you might help?

    I am performing costings of products and would like to have a summary sheet listing all products by Number, Name and Cost Price.
    The Worksheets are named "1234-Product name".
    Id like this index list to be populated automatically so I have taken the following steps:
    Each product has its own worksheet and the data I wish to show is ALWAYS in the same cells C3, C4 & C5.
    I can get an Index list via a macro but this only shows the name of each worksheet hyperlinked (which happens to be the product name). This is a good start, but I would like the list to automatically be populated by the accompanying product number and price by referencing the relevant cells on each worksheet automatically so I can just duplicate a template costing page and have an index populate itself with name, number and cost.
    I have attached a screenshot of my template page with the detail I wish to show in the Index page.

    Hope this makes some sense and that you may be able to help.
    Best Regards,
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