I have a data set that describes oil rigs drilling in the US. In the data are columns for rig name, well name, date that the rig started drilling a well and date that the rig was released from drilling the well, among others fields. I want to pivot and slice the data to see a table of how many rigs are drilling on each day of the year (Column Labels) per US state (Row Labels). The catch is that only the start and end dates are shown explicitly in the data, so my slicing method need to be able to look at a row of data and recognize if the date being evaluated falls between the start and end dates for drilling. Using filters (start date < x) and (end date > x) could achieve this for a specific day "x", but I wouldn't want to have to reset two filters 365 times to set up my data table.

Any advice in this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,