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Chart Data Label/Secondary Axis Issue

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    Chart Data Label/Secondary Axis Issue


    I am trying to do data labels on a pivot column chart, and I'm having some problems.

    The row labels are quarters. The column labels are vertical markets (there are 6 of them). The values are Forecast Value AND Count of Opportunity. The number of opportunities make up the forecast value (i.e. in the vertical market "healthcare" i have 5 opportunities for $29,250)
    So the X-Axis is Fiscal Quarters (there are 5 of them)
    The Y-Axis is Forecast $
    The values are forecast dollars and count of opportunities
    I want to graph the data in terms of dolllars, but I also want do include the number of opportunities in each vertical market in the data label.

    First off, is it possible to insert a second axis on a pivot chart? And if so, is there a way to overlap the data so that each bar tells me the forecast $ and the count of opportunities?

    I cannot enter the number of opportunities in a custom method. I do this graph way too much and there are over 25 bars per graph so that would not be practical. I am open to switching the data so it is not a "pivot chart", but rather just a regular chart.
    Please offer any suggestions you might have to help me solve this problem, thank you all!
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