Hello, I play a game called 'the Streetz' by Uken. Game has Crew, each crew uses 1 weapon and 1 vehicle. The top weapons and vehicles are selected automatically while battling according to their attack and defense points. Is it possible to make a calculator in excel to see how many of what weapons and vehicles I am using while attack and defense? It would be really helpful to know that so i can sell off the unused items.

I have something like this in mind:
Equipment type: Weapon/Vehicle
Equipment Name: Name
Equipment Atk: Attack points
Equipment Def: Defense points
Owned: Number of items owned
Crew size: Your current number of crew

Or 2 separate calculators can be made too if that is easier. 1 for weapons, 1 for vehicles.
Any help would be much appreciated. I don't know which formulas to use and how.