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links to multiple files : update links to 1 file at a time does not seem to work

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    links to multiple files : update links to 1 file at a time does not seem to work

    Dear Readers,

    I have a huge excel file with over a thousand links to 30 other excel files.
    When I want to replace one of the 30 files by another one (via data > edit links> , it takes a long time, and all of the files seem to be processed and get the "OK" status

    In detail:
    When I want to change the source of one off the 30 files I do the next steps

    1. open the new file that I want to link to
    2. go to the window with the huge excel file
    3. data > edit links
    4. select the file that I want to replace by a newer version
    5. use the button " change source"

    After 2 minutes of waiting all the files get the status OK in the " edit links" window.

    My questions:
    1. It seems that the links to all of the 30 files were processed / updated. Why, I only selected one to change the source.
    2. Since I do not want to wait those 2 minutes every time I want to change the links to just 1 of the source files: What can I do to prevent this?

    Any help or tip is more than welcome.


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    Re: links to multiple files : update links to 1 file at a time does not seem to work

    Welcome to the Forum.

    I have used this Edit Links feature a lot at my office. However, it used to never take me 2 mins to change source, unless the file i am linking to was saved on a share drive. Is this your case?

    Also, it can take considerable time if you have opened the file in a different instance of excel. In the sense, the container window (the grey window that you see once you close all the excel files using the lower x button at the top of the screen) should contain both your big file as well as the file to link it to. You should not open the file using Start -> Programs-> Microsoft Excel 2007, etc.
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